Access Arrangements are pre-examination adjustments for candidates based on evidence of need and normal way of working. Access Arrangements fall into two distinct categories: some arrangements are delegated to centres; others require prior JCQ awarding body approval.

  • The 发送Co currently possesses the required qualification and level of competence as required by JCQ regulations September 2022 to August 2023 and can carry out the required assessments.
  • The school may agree to work in conjunction with external assessors who have an established relationship with the Centre and have a proven and up to date understanding and knowledge of the JCQ regulations pertaining to exam access arrangements.
  • 申请入学安排的决定是由PG电子平台决定的, 这是基于他的需求史, 当前的需要, 供应历史, a student being disadvantaged compared to his/her peers and a specialist teacher’s access arrangements report or medical report from a specialist doctor.
  • 科目教师也参与决定是否有必要在考试中让步


The Head of Centre is responsible for appointing a specialist assessor who is qualified and has the required level of competence as specified by the JCQ and must ensure that evidence of 的评估员’s qualification(s) is obtained at the point of engagement/employment and prior to 的评估员 undertaking any assessment of a candidate.

  • 书记员的评估, oral language modifier and extra time must be carried out by an appropriately qualified assessor
  • The Head should check 的评估员’s qualifications and store the relevant documentation for inspection purposes
  • Evidence of 的评估员’s qualification(s) must be held on file for inspection purposes and be presented to the JCQ Centre Inspector by the SENCo


An assessor of candidates with learning difficulties will be an appropriately qualified access arrangements assessor/psychologist/specialist assessor) who:

  • has a thorough understanding of the current edition of the JCQ publication Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments and the principles, 涉及的程序和责任
  • is familiar with the Equality Act 2010 (although it is 不 their role to determine what is a ‘reasonable adjustment’, but rather to help identify access arrangements that might assist the candidate in examinations and assessments and are thus potentially reasonable adjustments)
  • either holds an appropriate qualification to teach and make recommendations for secondary aged or adult learners who have learning difficulties or a Health and Care Professions Council Registered Psychologist or Specialist Teacher with the current SPLD Assessment Practicing Certificate as outlined in 3.4
  • 评估前是否已与中心建立工作关系, 或者与中心建立工作关系
  • 寻找候选人正常工作方式的证据
  • 进行适当的评估以确定候选人的需求
  • 提供适当的证据来确认候选人的需求
  • 根据JCQ和授予机构的规定完成适当的文件


A parent/carer may wish to have their children assessed by a private educational psychologist and submit the report to the 发送Co as evidence that their child should be awarded extra time or EAA.

  • Private educational psychologists’ report cost a significant amount of money which therefore means that parents who are unable to obtain a private report through their financial circumstances are put at a disadvantage
  • 作为考试中心, Yavneh大学 must be consistent in its decisions and ensure that no student is either given an unfair advantage or disadvantaged by any arrangements put in place. 因此,如果提交了报告,PG电子游戏将寻找一个 有重要的学校基础证据证明他有需要帮助的历史
  • A privately commissioned assessment carried out without prior consultation with the centre can不 be used to award access arrangements and can不 be used to process an application using Access Arrangements Online
  • Where privately commissioned reports do 不 satisfy the above and/or contradict our school-based assessment and/or evidence of need, 考试中心的决定将以考试中心的决定为准
  • 哪里有私人委托的报告, 或者来自外部专业人士的报告, 被一个中心拒绝, the head of centre or a member of the senior leadership team should provide a written rationale supporting their decision to the parent/carer
  • PG电子游戏不会与家长/照顾者就此事进行进一步的协商


  • 在任何评估之前,必须与发送Co建立关系
  • 外部评估人员必须与发送Co合作,以确保采用联合的方法
  • 发送Co提供背景信息, assessment and/or screening results including the normal way of working and school-based evidence of need
  • The assessor discusses the arrangements with the 发送Co and that the responsibility to decide upon and request arrangements lies with the 发送Co and 的评估员
  • The Centre holds evidence of 的评估员’s certificate and evidence that he/she meets the criteria and that this is available for inspection


  • 该中心(谁在JCQ指导方针, is the sole referrer for Access Arrangements) has to have full confidence in the testing that has been undertaken and ensure that testing has been robust and valid
  • An application requesting access arrangements will only be made with clear school-based evidence of need recorded in Part 1 of Form 8


  • 教学人员必须与发送Co讨论访问安排
  • 发送Co建议适当的接达安排(表格8第二部分)
  • 发送Co通过网上接达安排递交申请
  • The decision to approve or 不 is instantaneous and the 发送Co may refer to the awarding body if 不 approved
  • 需要和正常工作方式的候选证据保存在文件中,以备检查
  • 通知考生和家长入学安排的决定
  • Arrangements are made for candidates to have practice of the access arrangement(s) in class tests, 模拟考试和评估(如适用)
  • 为每次考试安排适当的资源/人员/住宿
  • Records of access arrangements used are kept using the access arrangement log sheet maintained by the access arrangements facilitator
  • 文字处理机中心声明